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Table of Content - Volume 6 April to June 2018
Study of acute neurological complications in young hypertensive non-diabetic patients
Chidanand Awalekar et al.

A study of C-reactive protein in acute ischemic stroke
R Panneer Selvam, V Premnath

Study of lipid profile disorders in patients with chronic kidney disease undergoing hemo-dialysis
Balasaheb Eknathrao Karad, Shripad Vithalrao Dhanorkar

A study of clinical profile and factors associated of cerebro-vascular stroke
D Bhargava, B Phaninder Reddy

Echocardiographic evaluation of cardiovascular hemodynamic in preeclampsia
Shripad Vithalrao Dhanorkar, Balasaheb Eknathrao Karad

Study of clinical profile and risk factors in acute cardiac complications in non-diabetic young hypertensive patients
Ajinkya Nashte, Jayshree Awalekar, Chidanand Awalekar, Harshad Adhav, M S Chavan

Study of left ventricular diastolic dysfunction in preeclampsia patients
Balasaheb Eknathrao Karad, Shripad Vithalrao Dhanorkar

A comparative study of glycemic control of continuous insulin infusion versus single dose sub cutaneous insulin glargine injection in the patients admitted to ICU
B Phaninder Reddy, D Bhargava

Clinical profile of pyelonephritis in patients with diabetes mellitus
Shripad Vithalrao Dhanorkar, Balasaheb Eknathrao Karad

Evaluation of an association between type II diabetes mellitus and sensorineural hearing impairment in population<60 years age at tertiary care hospital
Mayur K Kondewar, Sanjay T Thorat

A study of correlation between alterations of lipid profile with complications of diabetes
Sanjay Thorat, Mayur Kondewar, Tejas Rane

Seroprevalence of Hepatitis B in maintenance dialysis patients and associated risk factors in tertiary care institute
Hemant Kokane, Vinay Panchalwar

Study of clinical and haematological profile of dengue fever in a tertiary care hospital
D P Bhurke, Nihal Ahmed KhanIqbal Ahmed Khan, Mohammed Ubaidulla Mohammed Ataulla

Study of clinical profile of refractory epilepsy
Sachin Aujenath Chaudhari, Akash Shivshankar Swami

Study of electrocardiographic changes in acute cerebrovascular accidents in elderly patients in a tertiary care hospital
Mohammed Ubaidulla Mohammed Ataulla, Prashant SudamDhumal, D P Bhurke

Clinical profile and role of serum globulin in assessment of immunity in patients with HIV
Sai Krishna Tulasi, Suresh I, M Swamy

A Study of Clinico bio chemical profile of the patients admitted with OP poisoning at tertiary health care centre
Manish Pendse

Clinical profile of elderly patients with hypertension at a tertiary care hospital
Jagadishchandra S Benur

Acute fulminant Hepatitis B treated with entecavir
Jayvirsinh Atodariya, Virendra C Patil, Tejas Rane, Sandeep Patil

A study of management of the patients of snake bite at tertiary health care centre
Manish Pendse


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