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Table of Content Volume 4 - October to December 2017

Seroprevalence of chikungunya cases in a tertiary care hospital in Mumbai
Sujata Baveja, Shaikh Mohd Habeeb, Anita Ramchandran


Comparison of immunochromatogenic method of antigen detection and Giemsa staining with polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for detection of chlamydia trachomatis infection in infertile women
K M Lohi, C A Kumar, J M Pramanik, S M Baveja


Bacteriological profile of catheter related infections in a tertiary care hospital
Harsha Vardhana S, P R Sreenivasa Babu, M R Sandhya Belawadi


Study of biofilm producing capacity of pathogens isolated from different catheters
Harsha Vardhana S, P R Sreenivasa Babu, M R Sandhya Belawadi


Speciation and resistotyping of coagulase negative staphylococci from clinical samples in a tertiary care hospital
Qader Ahmed Jalily, Ganesh Oruganti


Comparative study of enzyme linked immunosorbent assay and immunochromatography for rotavirus detection in children below five years with acute diarrhoea
Mehta N, Baveja S


Anti-Mycobacterial activity of selected medicinal plants
Geeta Parihar, Rasik Bihari Vyas, Priyanka Soni, Jyotsna Chandwani, Manoj Sharma



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