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Table of Content-Volume 5 - January to March 2018
Quality control of whole blood and blood components - Good quality measure for efficient supply of blood products
Vaidehi R Patel, Heena Pagi, Nidhi Bhatanagar, M D Gajjar

Assessment of the knowledge of blood transfusion among nursing staff: before and after implementing a designed teaching session about blood transfusion
Yashodhara R Gotekar, Vishrabdha R Pawar

Clinicopathological study of oral cancers in a rural area - A two year study
Shweta Grover, Nitin Gangane

Clinicopathilogical study of ovarian tumors
P S Muley, R D Hanmante, S A Deshpande, G D Phasge

Comparative analysis of histopathological presentation of lesions of testis
Kavitha Yevoor, Sanjeev Reddy M

A study of histopathology of tumours and tumour like lesions of testis
Sanjeev Reddy M, Kavitha Yevoor

Clinicopathological study of 29 cases of testicular lesions in children - A panicky situation
J Rajan, C P D’Souza

An unusual case of low grade endometrial stromal sarcoma in young girl - A case report
Mangesh G Kohale, Sheela N Kulkarni, Anupama Dhobale

Comparative evaluation study between cytological and histopathological grading of Breast carcinoma
Viral M Bhanvadia et al.

Prevalence of FVlll and FlX inhibitors in hemophiliac patient of Saurashtra region: A preliminary study
Dhaval Mehta, Alpesh Chavda, Sagar Hingrajiya

Histopathological study of non-neoplastic and neoplastic skin lesion by punch biopsy in west India - A three year study
Vaidehi Patel, Meeta Parikh, Nikunj Suthar

A study of cystic ovarian lesions at tertiary care centre
Asha Satvara, Nayan Koitiya, Alaknanda Atara, S S Sheikh, P M SantwaniSuthar

Deferral of blood donors in a blood bank of a tertiary care centre: A retrospective study
Rakesh A Hazari, Reetesh Kumar Gujar, Deepika Kirar

Gross and macroscopic features of gallbladder in cholecystectomy specimen
Rashmi H K, Shivamurthy Y L, Suresh K K, Chatura K R

Histopathological study to establish the association of gallstones with cholecystitis and carcinoma of gallbladder
Rashmi H K, Shivamurthy Y L, Suresh K K, Chatura K R

Adjunctive role of cell blocks in cytodiagnosis of pediatric tumors
Gautam Rashmi, Goel Madhumati, Sagar Mala, Kumar Madhu

Number and distribution of mast cells in lesions of large intestine
Neha Sood, Shachi, Rashmi Gautam, Anil Kumar

Platelet count in pregnancy
Shachi, Gautam Rashmi, Sood Neha, Dhot P S, Anil Kumar

Study of platelet count, PT and aPTT in pre-elclampsia patients at tertiary care centre
Khushbu B Patel, Bharat V Bhetariya, Nandini J Desai

Cytological diagnosis of extramedullary hematopoiesis-presenting as mass-like lesion: A study of four cases
Malathi M, Ashwini Naragund, Baalu S, Akkamahadevi Patil

A clinical and histomorphological study of breast malignancy at a tertiary care center of Jamnagar, Gujarat
Bharat V Bhetariya, Alpesh D Chavda, Shamim S Sheikh, N J Desai, Pravina M Santwani

Histopathological evaluation of gastrointestinal lesions- An experience in a tertiary care centre in west India
Vaidehi Patel, Meeta Parikh, Nikunj Suthar


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