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Table of Content-Volume 6 - April to June 2018
Histomorphological correlation of apoptotic index with ER/PR Status in breast
Natasha Makkar, Anjali Khare, Rani Bansal, Nivesh Aggarwal, Shilpi Bhargava

Distribution of ABO, rhesus blood groups and transfusion transmitted diseases in a blood bank of a tertiary care hospital: A one year study
Pratyush Jha, Upasana Uniya, R. A. Hazari3, Tina Rai

C-reactive protein in cerebrospinal fluid: An evaluative and correlative study
Upasana Uniya, Reetesh Kumar Gujar, Pratyush Jha

Comparison of estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor and Ki-67 immunohistochemistry scoring using manual method and image analysis in breast carcinoma cases
Swaroop Raj B V, Harendra Kumar M L

Prevalence of weak D antigen and Rh positive and Rh negative blood groups among blood donors - A Six year experience in a blood bank of tertiary health care centre of central India
Reetesh Kumar Gujar, Upasana Uniya, Deepika Kirar

Histopathological study of lesions of nose, paranasal sinuses and nasopharynx at tertiary care centre

Asha Satvara, Yogendra Madan, Alaknanda Atara, Shamim S Sheikh, P M Santwani

Primary cutaneous anaplastic large T cell lymphoma: Very unusual presentation
Amita Chavda, Rohit Bhalara, Gauravi Dhruva

A clinico-pathological study of anemia’s in geriatric age group
Trushali Dobariya, Amit H Agravat, Gauravi A Dhruva

Haematological profile in neonatal sepsis
Ravindra Ramteke, Rajendra Madane, Sapna Deshpande

Clinicopathological correlation in neonatal sepsis and evaluation of screening tests
Ravindra Ramteke, Rajendra Madane, Sapna Deshpande

Clinical profile of patients subjected for cervical cytology
Shweta Goyal

Study of various hematological disorders by bone marrow aspiration and trephine biopsy
Shyama Chag, Jagdish  Prajapati, Pravina M Santwani

Prevalence of Hepatitis B infection among blood donors at a tertiary care teaching hospital of Uttar Pradesh
Puri Sarandeep Singh, Singhal Parul, Dhot Paramjit Singh

A study of head and neck lesions in a tertiary care hospital
Neha Rastogi, Gauravi Dhruva, Amit Agravat

Diagnostic accuracy and efficacy of fine needle aspiration cytology of thyroid lesions and its cyto-histopathological correlation
Jagdish Prajapati, Shyama Chag, Dimple Mehta

Correlation between clinical presentation and pap smear findings by the Bethesda system
Shweta Goyal


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