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Table of Content-Volume 7 - July to September 2018
Study of cytopathological pattern of cervical pap smears in a tertiary care hospital in Mangadu, Chennai
Prema Devi E, Lionel Rohit Mathew, Elzhilvilzhi, Vijayalaxmi Srinivasan

Histomorphological study of ovarian neoplasmsin a tertiary care center: A five years study
Dimple Mehta, Vidhi Parmar, Nayan Koitiya

Diagnostic role of FNAC in metastatic lymphadenopathies – Our institutional experience
Tamilselvi V, Peranantham S

Seroprevalence and trends of anti- Hepatitis C antibodies among voluntary blood donors in a tertiary care hospital blood bank in South India
Mercy Joyston, M Sintha

Role of fine needle aspiration cytology in the diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma
Fakeha Firdous, Mohd Ashraf Ul Abeddin

Incidence of repeated blood donation - A tertiary care centre in Konkan, Maharashtra, India
Rajashree A Kulkarni, Mayuri S Warang

Clinical and histopathological correlation of soft tissue tumors - A study of 150 cases
Vibhuti Manchhubhai Dhum, Neeru D Dave, Pruthvi D Damor

Spectrum of benign breast lesions at BKL Walawalkar rural medical college and hospital - A tertiary care centre in Konkan Maharashtra, India
Rajashree A Kulkarni

Touch imprint cytology in correlation with histopathology in breast lesions
M Devojee, M P Akarsh, Naval kishore

Intraoperative diagnosis of lymphnode imprints in correlation with histopathological diagnosis
M P Akarsh, M Devojee

Immunocytochemistry(ICC) on FNAC of breast carcinoma lesions to study ER, PR and Her2/neu status with immunohistochemistry(IHC) correlation
Suchita Mishra, Pravina M Santwani

A histopathological study of spectrum of gastrointestinal tract lesions: Two year study
Twinkle Chaudhari, Rohit Bhalara, Gauravi Dhruva

Evaluation of concordance between the cytological grading and histomorphological grading of breast carcinoma in a series of 100 cases
Suchita Mishra, Pravina M Santwani

Study of endometrial hyperplasia using morphometry assisted techniques in a tertiary care hospital
Divya S Deth, Mohammed Arifulla K, Sharada M S

Diagnostic accuracy of fine-needle aspiration cytology in thyroid lesions on basis of its correlation with histopathology in a series of 160 cases
Suchita Mishra, Neeru Dave, Pravina M Santwani

Sero-prevalence and trends of transfusion transmitted infections among blood donors at blood bank, government general hospital, Mahabubnagar district, Telangana
Devojee Malothu, Srilatha Bollipogu, Naval Kishore Bajaj

Histopathological analysis of oral cavity and oropharyngeal neoplasms and role of P16 expression in oropharygeal cancers
Maheswari J, Tamilselvi V

A study on cytologic and histopathologic correlation of soft tissue tumors
Dhanya K, Akshatha N

Distribution of ABO and Rhesus blood groups in blood donors at blood bank of tertiary care hospital, Mahabubnagar, Telangana
Srilatha Bollipogu, Devojee Malothu, Naval Kishore Bajaj

Pathological profile of soft tissue tumours: - A descriptive study
Dhanya K, Akshatha N


Utility of scrape cytology in early diagnosis of premalignant and malignant oral lesions - A study of 100 cases at a tertiary care centre
Neeru Dave, Hiral Chauhan

Study of clinicopathological characteristics of infiltrating duct carcinoma of breast with micropapillary carcinoma component
Chaukade S V, Sharma S M, Gangane N, Anshu

Ki-67 expression in the lesions of uterine cervix
Shivapriya R, Niharika Rawat

Histomorphological patterns of neoplastic and non neoplastic lesions of ovary in hospital based population
Mohammed Arifulla K, Divya S Deth, Sharada M S

Evaluation of sickling and solubility tests and peripheral blood smear method for screening of sickle cell disease
Delux V Godghate, Sarika More

Can Platelet count helps in suspecting malaria infection?: Data analysis from tertiary care hospital
F Jalaly, T Jalaly

Correlation of cytomorphology and cartridge based nucleic acid amplification test (CBNAAT) on fine needle aspirates in the diagnosis of tuberculous lymphadenitis
L Aruna, Khushboo Ghanshyani, E Lakshmi, Lokesh Rao Magar

Validity of sickling test and peripheral blood film method for sickle cell disease screening in tertiary care hospital
Shamili Moningi et al.

Pseudoepitheliomatous Hyperplasia of Oral Cavity - An Enigma
Pasupuleti Prathima, Shakira Anjum Quadri

Prevalence of hydatid cyst of liver among all pediatric hepatic lesions - A six year study
Kayla Geetha, Neelala Neelaveni, Vijayadurga K, Vani Padmaja G J

Pathologic and radiologic correlation of paediatric renal tumors
Neelala Neelaveni, Kayla Geetha, K Anusha, Vani Padmaja G J

Study of lipid profile in patients with myocardial infarction
Mahesh Kumar C H, Gayatri M, Arun Maski

Leukemias in children - A clinico-haematological study
Daksha P Prabhat, Saaishta Rangwala, Tejaswini Waghmare

Study of association between FBS, HbA1c level and lipid profile in type 2 diabetes mellitus
Mahesh Kumar C H, Gayatri M, Arun Maski

Retrospective study of seroprevalence of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) among blood donors at blood bank, government general hospital for 5 years
S S S Quadri, Srilatha Bollipogu, Naval Kishore Bajaj


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