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Table of Content-Volume 4 - October to December 2017
Incidence and distribution of congenital malformations in newborns at a tertiary teaching hospital in Kolhapur Maharashtra
 Bhushan A Miraje, Uday A Miraje, Amar V Naik, Meghana G Kamble, Snehal A Harne


Prevalence of febrile seizures in childhood epilepsy
Ashok Kumar, A B Shah


Efficacy of indigenous bubble CPAP in treating respiratory distress of newborn
Suresh Narayan Singh, Shivprasad Mundada


Study of congenital malformations and related maternal and foetal factors: Hospital based study
Bhushan A Miraje, Amar V Naik, Uday A Miraje, Meghana G Kamble, Snehal A HarneBh


Incidence and mortality in the babies with meconium aspiration syndrome admitted in NICU
Supriya Shankar Gotey1, Kalvati Jaju


Study of depression among parents and patients of type 1 diabetes mellitus and it's correlation with glycemic control
Aniket Kumbhojkar


Cranial ultrasound in preterm neonates
Manindersingh Charansingh Juneja, Sudha Rao Chandrashekhar


Feeding practices and immunization status among children with severe acute malnutrition: Findings of a single center observational study
Uday Gajare, Shivprasad Kachrulal Mundada, Suresh Narayan Singh


Comparison of variation in body temperature between standard care and kangaroo mother care after sponge bath in stable preterm neonates
S Mangalgi, M Sudheendra, S B Shetty


Clinical profile and course of disease in babies with complications of meconium stained amniotic fluid
Supriya Shankar Gotey, Kalavati Jaju


Knowledge and awareness of infant feeding practices in antenatal mothers: A cross sectional study
Bhavana Tiwari et al.


Study of outcome of bubble CPAP in babies with respiratory distress with respect to antenatal risk factors
Suresh Narayan Singh, Shivprasad Mundada


Temperature instability during medical procedures in neonates admitted in the neonatal intensive care unit


Study of the effect of maternal nutritional status on the birth weight of the new born
Khushbu Verma, Veenu Agarwal, Sujata Talan


Maternal and foetal risk factors predicting outcome of bubble CPAP in babies with respiratory distress
Shakira Savaskar, Suresh Narayan Singh


Prevalence of obesity and overweight in school going children between 6 years to 16 years of age
Suresh Nana Waydande, Sambhaji S Wagh

Rational use of antibiotics in preterm neonates
Harshal Wagh, Amit Tagare, Sara Dhanawade

Study of bacteremia and febrile convulsions in pediatric patients
Manoj S Ghogare

Role of Saccharomyces boulardii in management of acute diarrhoea of children - A randomized controlled trial
Gajanan M Sirsat1*, D M Sankpal

Simple anthropometric measurements to predict birth weight: A clinical study
Manoj S Ghogare

A study of clinical profile of dengue in children in the age group of 6 months to 12 years
Sachin Talpe, Mahesh Sonar

Anxiety and depression in parents caring for a child with chronic disease: A cross sectional comparative study
Shenoy S, V M Mridhula, Kalaiah K M

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