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Table of Content-Volume 5 - January to March 2018
Comparison of sleep and behavioral problems in post discharge children of pediatric intensive care with non-hospitalized controls
Sangeetha Shenoy, Shruti Patil


A study of various risk factors associated with development of severe respiratory distress in the new born at tertiary health care center
Chethan K B, Sandeep Patil, Spoorthi S M, Lakshmidevi

A rare case of Pyruvate Kinase deficiency
Harshal Wagh, Swapnil Mirajkar, Sudha Bhave

A study of determinants of immediate mortality in status epilepticus in children
Sampada Tambolkar, A D Mishra, Manojkumar G Patil , Sneha T, Sharad Agarkhedkar

A study of prevalence of hypoxemia in children with acute lower respiratory infection
Anil Kumar, Mohammad Parvez, Vaihav Jain, Faraz Ahmad Khan

A study of treatment protocols of surviours and non surviours of status epilepticus in children
Manojkumar G Patil, Sampada Tambolkar, A D Mishra, Sneha T, Sharad Agarkhedkar

Pattern of causes of traumatic brain injury in children in a tertiary care center
Jyotirmanju C S, Shruti Patil, Karunakara B P

A study of clinical profile and etiology of status epilepticus in children at tertiary health care centre
Manojkumar G Patil, Shradha Salunkhe, Sneha T, Sampada Tambolkar, Sharad Agarkhedkar

Incidence of hypoglycemia in newborn babies born with perinatal and postnatal risk factorsnc
Bainade Kapil, Gahlowt Pallavi

A study of common parasites associated with peripheral blood eosinophilia in pediatric cases attending a tertiary care institute
Sana Jamali, Anil Kumar, Nadia Irshad

Serum glucose levels in preterm neonates during the first 72 hours of life
Bainade Kapil, Gahlowt Pallavi

Comparison and correlation between serum bilirubin and transcutaneous bilirubin in NICU Bidar
Raviknath, Shantala Koujalgi

Respiratory distress in neonates with special reference to neonatal pneumonia
Shrikanth R, Harshita Tripathi

Respiratory distress in neonates with special reference to neonatal pneumonia
Shrikanth R, Harshita Tripathi

A study of prevalence of neonatal cardiac murmur and it's echocardiographic correlation
Sandeep Bhausahe Jagdale, Nikhil Dhananjay Kadam, Devendra Khairnar, Suhas Khaire

Impact of mobile phone use among children in an area in Rangareddy, Telangana
Srinivas S, Shridevi K

Breast feeding practices, knowledge and attitude among mothers- An institutional study
Srinivas Subudhi

Study of sleep problems and its impact on scholastic performance in school going children
Apurva B, Satish Reddy H, Roopa B Mangshetty

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