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Table of Content - Volume 12 Issue 2 - November 2019

A study on maternal complication and foetal outcome in eclampsia at tertiary care hospital in Gujarat
Chirag Banker, Latika Mehta

Effect of maternal fever on fetal outcome
Santosh D Kachare, Ashwinkumar Sontakke, Sangeeta Ramteke

Iliopsoas abscess as a cause of puerperal sepsis
Aakanksha Mahajan, Ishan Gupta, Kavita Choudhary

Study of risk factors of eclampsia in a tertiary care center
Padma Chandavathu, Akurathi Krishnarao

Study of obstetric admissions in intensive care unit of a tertiary care hospital
Dasari Meenakshi Pranavi, Akurathi Krishna Rao

Study of hepatitis E infection during pregnancy
Reka Sindhura, Akurathi Krishna Rao

Study of immediate maternal and neonatal effects of forceps and vacuum assisted deliveries
Uyyala Josthsna, Akurathi Krishna Rao

Study of hysterectomy cases in a tertiary care centre
Reka Sindhura, Akurathi Krishna Rao

Prevalence and indication of caesarean section in a tribal medical college of south India
Smita Thakkarwad, Suryakant Mundlod

Evaluation of the efficacy, tolerability and safety of multiple dose intravenous iron sucrose v/s intravenous ferric carboxymaltose in iron deficiency anaemia in postnatal women
Hemlata Jharbade


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