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Table of Content - Volume 20 Issue 3 - December 2021


Study of efficacy of excimer laser in localised vitiligo


Chaithanya K1, M Madhavi Latha2*, T Praveena3


1,2Post Graduate, 2Professor, 3Associate professor, Department of DVL, Santhiram Medical College and General Hospital, NH-40, Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

Email: chaithanyareddy94@gmail.com, vc.madhavi@gmail.com, praveenathiriveedhi@gmail.com.


Abstract              Background: Vitiligo is an acquired, often progressive disorder of hypopigmentation, clinically manifested by circumscribed achromic macules often associated with leukotrichiaThe estimated incidence in India is 3%-4%. various modalities of treatment have been tried with variable outcomes. Aim: To study the effect of Excimer laser (308-nm UVB radiation) in patients with localized vitiligo. Methods: Thirty patients (19 females, 11 males) with localized vitiligo, denovo, or who had tried various modalities of treatment (including topical and systemic drugs) were enrolled in the study. Of the 30 subjects, 17 had lip vitiligo, 13 had focal vitiligo (over elbows, wrist, dorsum of the hand, and foot). Treatment with excimer laser was done twice or thrice weekly after calculating MED dose and increased by 20mj/cm2 in every session. Objective and subjective assessment was done after every 2 months. Results: At the end of the study period, 47% (14/30) of patients showed good response in lesions located on the face, trunk, arm, and/or leg (high-responder location), and after 15 sessions, 33% (10/30) of patients showed a moderate response in lesions located on the elbow, wrist, dorsum of the hand, knee, and/or dorsum of the foot (low-responder location),20% (6/30) of patients showed poor response. Conclusion: 308nm excimer laser is effective in patients with localized vitiligo. However, the therapeutic effect is mainly dependent on the location of vitiligo lesions.