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Table of Content - Volume 20 Issue 3 - December 2021


Study of correlation of clinical outcome of with respect to various prognostic factors of loco-regional recurrences in breast cancer


Ganesh Thakur1*, Tabassum Wadsadwala2, Rajiv Sarin3


1Assistant Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, Cama & Albless Hospital, Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA.

2Associate Professor, 3Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA.

Email: ganeshthakur512@gmail.com


Abstract              Background: Management of primary breast cancer has changed considerably in the last decade, with establishment of new paradigms for Loco-Regional Therapy (LRT) as well as systemic treatment. Objective: To find correlation of clinical outcome with respect to various prognostic factors (hormone receptor status, Her2 status, grade of tumor, LVI). Material and Methods: The present prospective observational study was done at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai and Advanced Center for Treatment and Education of Cancer, Navi Mumbai.  A total of 100 consecutive patients of local/ regional/ Loco-regional recurrences and fulfilling the study inclusion criteria were invited to participate in this study. Statistical analysis was done using SPSS Statistics version 20.0. Survival period was defined as the period from the date of diagnosis to the development of recurrence or to the date of the last recorded clinical followup. Results: Disease free interval (DFI) before a LRR is a strong prognostic factor for overall survival and women with longer DFI have longer survival. Besides the DFI, age and surgical removal of the recurrence were significantly associated with survival after recurrence. Conclusion: The numerous prognostic factors affect survival after diagnosis of recurrence includes clinical stage at primary diagnosis, nodal positivity, presence of lymphovascular invasion and perinodal extension as well as site/s of recurrence.

Key Words: Correlation, prognostic, Loco-Regional Recurrences, Breast cancer.