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Table of Content - Volume 12 Issue 1 - October 2019

Histopathological evaluation of bone lesions: A retrospective institutional study
V Manoja, Divya Chevakula, K Suresh

A retrospective analysis of causes of discard of whole blood and its components in a tertiary care hospital - A 10 years study
Piyush Patel, Mona Patel, Hrushikesh Surti, Jignasa Bhalodia

A study of risk factors of neonatal sepsis and correlation of laboratory parameters in its diagnosis in a tertiary care centre
Lovely George, Marina D’Souza, Jayaprakash CS

Effects of prolonged storage of blood in EDTA on blood cells morphology in peripheral blood smears
Archana Shrivatava, Upasana Uniya, Reeni Malik

The utility of platelet parameters as diagnostic markers in adjunct with other inflammatory markers
Radha M, Vanisri H R

Giant cell tumor of bone: A single institutional three years study
Amisha Gami et al.

Histopathological study of breast lesions in rural tertiary care medical college in India
Murtuza Shaikh, Rahul Jadhav, Kashinath Bhople

Histopathological study of endometrium in abnormal uterine bleeding
Monika Bobde, Meera Mahajan, Chandrashekhar Bhale

A study of association of dengue serology with variations in RBC parameters
Gauri Metkar

Nucleated red blood cells and hematological scoring system – Future trends in early onset neonatal sepsis
Shivendra Vikram Singh, Megalamane Supreetha, Satyavathi R Alva

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