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Table of Content - Volume 12 Issue 3 - December 2019

An Institutional Study of Cervical   Lymphadenopathy using FNAC
Sumaya, Manasa Das, K R Nagesha

Thyroid swelling in rural patients: A descriptive study
Acharya A S

Cyto histological study of cervical lesions in rural population of north coastal Andhra Pradesh

Methods for manual platelet count: Comparison of automated platelet count with multiple manual method findings
M H Kulkarni, Udasimath Shivakumarswamy

Role of peripheral smear in early diagnosis of neonatal septicemia: A three-year study at tertiary care center of Saurashtra
Sanjay Talwelkar, Gauravi Dhruva, Sfoorti Goswami

Applicability of different hematological discrimination indices for differential diagnoses of beta-thalassemia trait and iron deficiency anaemia
K R Valiya et al.

A study of histopathological spectrum of gastrointestinal tract lesions in a rural tertiary care centre
Neha Mukesh Goel, Abhay Y Desai, Waghmare Rohan Mohan, Vijay D Dombale

Correlation of intraoperative frozen section report and histopathological diagnosis
Hiral Samir Shah, Meena Rajiv Daveshwar, Neema Ankur Rana

Relationship between mean platelet volume and platelet count: A prospective study in healthy adult population
Udasimath Shivakumarswamy, Purushotham R, Nagesha K R

Neoplastic lesion in surgically removed appendix
Hanish Kumar Chawda, Hemavathi Reddy

Progesterone receptor status in non-recurrent versus recurrent meningioma
S Supasakthi, R Suganya, S Supadevi

Study of role of cervical PAP smear test in screening of cancer in a tertiary care hospital, Siddipet, Telangana state
Akhila Puskuru, Patruni Manoj, Gopa Raju

Pancytopenia: A clinico-hematological study in tertiary care centre (One-year study)
Shilpa H Gandhi, Pooja D Kagathara, Gauravi A Dhruva

Adenomyosis - A disease or an incidental finding - A retrospective study
S Shameem Begum

A study of red cell indices and anaemia in adults at a tertiary care center
Bindu Kumari, Shiny Prabha Mohan


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