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Table of Content - Volume 6 - April to June 2018
Functional outcome of complex proximal femur fractures treated with proximal femoral locking plate
L Y Sathyanarayana, R V Adhiyaman

Results of radical posteromedial release (RPMR) in neglected CTEV: A prospective clinical study
V R Rokade, Anant Chowgule, Pankaj Lawate

Clinical profile of patients with complex proximal femur fractures
L Y Sathyanarayana, Mohammed Sajeed

Treatment of aseptic nonunion of tibia study of 35 cases by ilizarov ring fixator: A prospective clinical study
V R Rokade, Pankaj Lawate, Anant Chowgule

Valgus intertrochanteric osteotomy along with use of dynamic hip screw for fixation of neck femur fractures: An experimental study from Maharashtra
Shekhar Malve et al.

Malleolar fractures of ankle in adults: Functional outcome and complications following open reduction and internal fixation
Ashish Desai et al.

Displaced calcaneal fractures treated by open reduction and internal fixation - A functional outcome
Srinivas Y, Srikanth G, Rajasekhar, M E Luther

Short term clinical outcome in mid shaft femur fractures using intramedullary nail
Tej Shah, R N Shewale

Clinical study clavicular fractures by surgical intervention
Prakash Channabasappa Wali, Satish Shankar Nesari

Management of thromboangitis obliterans by ilizarov technique
Satish Shankar Nesari, Prakash Channabasappa Walis

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